We want your business to thrive

Business Evolution is about closing that gap. About bringing heart into work. And about being hard core realistic while still living our dream.

Your business may be born of a dream, but once the nitty gritty of the work schedule and daily issues sets in, the dream can seem far away. Then you are paying with your health, mental, emotional and physical.

And you will inevitably be paying with the health of your business, because let’s face it….your business stays as strong as you stay healthy.

This is because whatever our dream may be, our personality, our patterns and our past, drive our decisions. We always are functioning from a personal level…..what sits deep inside us colours our business. This is true of all people, in all positions. Even if it appears that they are impersonal, objective, even heartless, this heartlessness comes from a personal capacity to be so.

  • Exhaustion, Burnout, Isolation
    Three of the main conditions experienced by people like you. Firstly, working with me you will find you are...
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  • Team Overhaul
    this is a special service that recalibrates your team's dynamic. If you are finding that communications have broken down,...
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  • Decision Making
    I will help you get to the core of what you really want your priorities to be, both when...
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  • Trouble shooting
    Trouble shooting specific situations for you, sorting out the strands that are holding you in a gridlock. Finding satisfying...
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  • Negotiation
    providing a safe and impartial platform for you and your team to address hot topics. Teaching negotiation skills to...
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Sharon Loerzer is a professional Sa’Sen Yin Therapist, trained in homeopathy and Family Therapy. With 25 years of activity as therapist and 30 years running restaurants, she has combined her experience in both fields to bring practical, compassionate and useful counselling to business persons.

Sharon has developed her course for entrepreneurs, managers, chefs, teachers and key members in all types of businesses, training them to hold their authority healthily and powerfully. Her focus is on the resourceful side of human resources….we all have more in us than we think, and our business is a an amazing platform to realise our own potential.